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Pest Control Expert


Inspect all buildings and the surrounding property to identify the type and source of infestation.
Measure the dimensions of the infested area to calculate the requirements for fumigants.
Develop treatment plans and prevention methods to remove pest problems and reduce the risk of re-infestation
Provide safety warnings and other directions.
Treat rooms, furnishings, wood, clothing, ditches and surrounding grasslands and trees by spraying powders, gasses or other chemical solutions on affected areas
Direct and assist co-workers during the extermination process to remove or eliminate insects, rodents or weeds
Ensure the premises are free of all treatment chemicals and equipment before leaving the job site.

Bachelor Degree in Agriculture Engineering or any related field.
At least 2 year Prior experience.
Attention to detail.
Excellent communication skills.
Fluent in English.
Have HSE knowledge.

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